Are parents refusing vaccines at your child’s school? Now you can check.

For the first time in Maine, parents can easily look up vaccination rates at their local elementary school. The Maine Center for Disease Control publicly released the data for the 2014-15 school year, revealing how many children were exempted from school-required vaccines — and for what reasons — in kindergarten and first-grade classes.

The data also show vaccination rates for five types of immunizations, including for the highly contagious measles and whooping cough germs.

To use our tool, just plug in your town or city to view a list of local schools. Be sure to learn the caveats that come with this data, which I explain in my story, Anti-vaccine trends revealed in Maine’s coastal clusters, private schools.

Got a child in middle school? Maine CDC also released vaccination and exemption rates for seventh grade classrooms. We omitted that grade level from our search tool to make the search function more user-friendly, but you can find those rates on the state’s website.

Jackie Farwell

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