Vital Signs: Bangor man caught between conflicting mail-order drug laws

When Maine passed a law in June 2013 allowing residents to purchase prescription medication by mail from overseas, it entered uncharted waters. The state became the first in the nation to formally defy federal regulations that prohibit Americans from importing drugs through foreign pharmacies, which often sell the same medications for half the cost.

While Maine’s law set a new national precedent, the controversial legislation unofficially sanctioned a hunt for cheaper prescription drugs that has driven Mainers across the border to Canada for years. Now a Bangor man finds himself at the intersection of the conflicting laws, ordered by federal officials to return medication he purchased with the state’s blessing.

“If we passed the law, which we did, then somebody has to stand up for the law,” he said.

Bangor man caught in conflict between Maine mail-order pharmacy laws, federal government

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