Vital Signs newsletter: Farmer Brown goes to court

A farmer’s decision to sell raw milk to customers in Blue Hill landed him before the state’s highest court this week. Dan Brown faced the justices of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, arguing that a local ordinance allowing farmers to sell products directly to consumers exempts him from state licensing requirements. The case raises questions about the concept of Home Rule, outlined in the state’s Constitution, which allows municipalities to enact ordinances as long as they don’t contradict state law.

Brown, who ended up shuttering his farm and filing for bankruptcy, said he’s ready to accept whatever ruling the court hands him.

Farmer Brown goes to court: Justices hear oral arguments in unlicensed raw milk case

Other top health stories this week:

Group calls on state to regulate toxic chemicals found in hundreds of plastic household products

A group of doctors, parents and other activists is demanding the state require manufacturers to report the presence of potentially dangerous chemicals in products sold in Maine. The group, Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine, delivered more than 2,000 signatures to the state on Wednesday morning, targeting products that contain phthalates.

‘How do we reach out to our women veterans?’: Female service members not seeking needed services

 If you’ve served in the military, that makes you a veteran, right? Right, but far too many vets in Maine — particularly women — either don’t know or are ignoring their veteran status and all of the support and benefits that come with it.

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